Cryptic - Feature Film (2014)

One night. One Crypt…A crypt to which 8 members from various reaches of London’s underworld are sent to guard a coffin. Why? Nobody knows. And nobody knows what’s inside said coffin…Not even the bloke that organized its purchase and delivery. All the group have are their orders…to guard it with their lives.. Literally. But soon old grudges and new animosities start to flare up, making it almost impossible for the group to stick to their orders… All worsened by the rumour that a vigilante bumping off their men off on the streets is actually a vampire, and could be one of the group….But vampires don’t really exist….do they?






Director: Bart Ruspoli & Freddie Hutton-Mills

Production Company: Next Level Films




SoundNode: Production Sound, Full Audio Post Production incl. Dubbing Mix

and International Deliverables


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