SoundNode is a multi-national collective of audio enthusiasts specialising in sound for audio-visual productions. Founded in London over a decade ago, SoundNode has established itself as one of the go to Location Sound Recording and Audio Post-Production teams in the industry. 

With an experienced, creative and approachable team, combined with top of the range equipment, facilities and workflows, SoundNode provides excellent and all encompassing sound services for any type of production, including Feature Films, TV Commercials, Documentaries, Online Content, Games, Audio Books, Podcasts, VR and New Technologies. 

Click on the items below for more information about the specific services we offer, or get in touch via our contact page to discuss your requirements in more detail.

+ Location Sound Recording

With years of experience our friendly and helpful sound recordists, using some of the best recording equipment on the market, are the right addition to the crew to provide top quality sound for any audio-visual project.

+ Location VO Recording

Tight production schedules and talent availability sometimes mean that a VO might have to take place outside the controlled and comfortable conditions of a recording studio. We are highly experienced and perfectly equipped to record VOs on location in these cases.

+ Live Performance Recording

We offer on-location full quality multi-track music recordings, and can also provide a full package including the recording, editing, and mixing, for great sounding live videos. Check out some examples of this work on the Music Videos section of our Portfolio.

+ Dialogue Editing

Whether it is editing voice-overs, pieces to camera or dialogue for a feature film, with our attention to detail we can ensure seamless audio transitions whilst preserving the talents’ intention and delivery behind every line.

+ Noise Reduction & Audio Restoration

Noisy locations, equipment faults and non-ideal shooting situations means compromised recordings are commonplace in today’s busy environments. With advanced noise reduction tools and techniques we can address these problems to help your viewers focus on the content that really matters.

+ ADR Recording

If you are after replacing dialogue due to noise issues or want to change a performance, using our location recording experience and equipment, we can replicate the shooting sound conditions in the live-room to create a seamless transition between the ADR and original recordings.

+ Music Composition

Our creative graduate composers can accommodate to many genres, and offer new and exciting ideas. We tailor personalised music composition to give your film a unique soundtrack, with the benefit of full international licences for all platforms.

+ Track Laying

To help bring realism to your production, creating a solid ambience and atmosphere bed throughout the film is essential. This also helps reduce the perceived noise in dialogue and makes for a much richer sounding film.

+ Foley

To improve the storytelling process by enhancing the realism of your film with the sound of everyday objects and character movements, we offer precise and believable Foley, including props, artist, recording, editing and pre-mixing.

+ Sound Effects Editing

Whether you need to create a soundscape from scratch for your animations, or add some flair to your films, we offer the full range of sound effects editing using some of the world’s top libraries combined with our own original recordings.

+ Sound Design

When realism and diegetic sounds are not enough, our experienced sound designers can create a particular soundscape with the help of synthesizers, samplers and creative sound manipulation.

+ VO Studio

In our comfortable and and well-equipped studio, with full HD video link, our engineers can offer creative advice and a hands-on approach when recording any type of VO. We also offer remote sessions via Skype for clients abroad.

+ Audio Mixing (Stereo, 5.1 & 7.1 Surround, Dolby Atmos, Binaural & 360º)

Bringing all the separate audio elements of your project into one coherent whole is one of the most important aspects of post-production. Our studios are equipped with Pro Tools HD and AVID Icon control surfaces, and we have a great deal of experience in mixing programs for online, broadcast, cinema and other specific platforms.

+ Advanced Audio Processing, Encoding & Decoding

Whether you are after framerate conversions, upmixing, standard compliance, Surround encoding/decoding or any other type of processing, with our advanced audio knowledge and tools, we can help advise on workflows and process programs to meet your required delivery specifications.

+ Sound Supervision

As a team we can take care of all the audio needs of your project in one place, regardless of how simple or complex it might be. When doing so, we ensure to have a senior sound supervisor who can help conceptualize the audio, develop specific workflows for your needs, assist with any sound/music related queries and oversee the whole audio process of the production of your film.

+ Broadcast Conforming (EBU 128 & ITU 771)

We can conform any type of program to the recently adopted European EBU-R128 or the American ASTC Audio Broadcast standards, to prevent delays or additional costs due to the failure of distribution QC's.