Broomberg & Chanarin: Rudiments - Art Film (2015)

Rudiments consists of new photographic, moving image and performative works that collectively explore tensions between discipline and chance, precision and chaos, empathy and the involuntary pleasure of watching the pain of others.

Central to the project is a film work in which Broomberg & Chanarin have collaborated with a group of young army cadets at a military camp on the outskirts of Liverpool. Whether the scenes we observe are staged by the artists or simply a document of the camp’s routine practice remains unclear. The absurd and disturbing introduction of a Bouffon (Hannah Ringham) – a dark clown whose performance teeters on vulgarity – radically challenges the military codes and interrupts their carefully choreographed routines. Broomberg & Chanarin’s film explores the formative moments of childhood and early youth in the presence of authority, and is propelled by a dramatic improvised score devised for the drums by the American musician Kid Millions.





Directors: Broomberg & Chanarin


SoundNode: Location Recordings, Sound Edit, Mix


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